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Save money on theatre tickets in 2019

Travel & Leisure

One of your New Year’s resolutions for 2019 is to see a live comedy show, musical or play in London. But the other is to save money. Are you already doomed to fail at one or the other?'s profile image Team

Jan 11, 2019

How to save on your studies: book deals and course discounts for students


The Huffington Post recently revealed that the cost of books and other course equipment is the number one top worry prospective students have about starting university.'s profile image Team

Dec 27, 2018

Travel Insurance: Finding the Right One for You at the Best Price

Travel & Leisure

Many people skip travel insurance as a way of saving money. However, travel insurance can save you from having to fork out thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of pounds on expensive medical bills or for replacing lost items.'s profile image Team

Dec 23, 2018

Money Saving Travel Tips

Travel & Leisure

There are few things that inspire us more than the idea of travelling to different countries and escaping the day-to-day routine at home. Many people worry about the cost of travel, yet there are plenty of money-saving travel tips's profile image Team

Dec 19, 2018

Save on Top 5 Essential Beauty Treats for Your Skin: We Tell You How!

Health & Beauty

Protecting your skin is important not only for your appearance, but also because your skin is the overall reflection of your health, youth and well-being. That’s why keeping a fresh and radiant look can make a real difference in your life.'s profile image Team

Dec 14, 2018

Magazine Subscriptions: The Perfect Low-cost Christmas Gift

Gift Guides

That magical time of the year is here again… it’s Christmas time! We all know how hard it can be to find the perfect and unique gift for your loved ones, especially when you run out of ideas. I am sure you like me love feeling the Christmas spirit's profile image Team

Dec 11, 2018

Scoring Savings On Sleep Through Good Mattress Investment

Home & Garden

A good night’s rest may seem overrated in an era where everyone lives a fast-paced lifestyle, but it’s necessity goes beyond temporary comfort. Sleep is vital to your mental and physical wellbeing.'s profile image Team

Dec 03, 2018

Athlete Guide: Low-Cost Tennis Bag Essentials

Seasonal & Holiday

If you are an athlete, then you are aware at how costly it can be to pursue your passion. What with all the equipment, protein shakes, apparel, and gym memberships, your wallet is likely to take a hit the more you spend on sports-related expenses.'s profile image Team

Dec 01, 2018

Stretch Your Accessory Style


We love accessories! At the risk of sounding extreme, when they are chosen well, they streamline life. You can upgrade a high-street dress to something sublime, transform an LBD, or move from day to night effortlessly.'s profile image Team

Nov 30, 2018