The Ultimate Voucher Guide

The one thing we all love more than spending money is saving it. You're probably thinking, how do I spend money but save it at the same time? Spending is spending, and saving is saving, and never the twain shall meet, right?

Wrong! There's an easy, time-tested way to have your cake and eat it too. And the best part? Everyone can use it.

While it sounds easy, there's an art to the war of discounts. If you think of the discounts as a war, then vouchers and discount codes are all the weapons you need to win. Our ultimate voucher guide will teach you how to use all those to get some awesome discounts and save big while you spend more.

What Are Vouchers and Discount Codes?

If you've ever shopped online, you must have come across these phrases. Vouchers and discount codes both help you save whenever you make a purchase. They are slightly different but at the end of the day, you get the same result whichever one you use, and that's big savings. So let's get into it a little and explain what they are so the next time you see one, you'll know what to do with it.

Discount Vouchers

Back when vouchers became a thing, they were known as something you cut out of a newspaper. Whenever you went shopping, you'd have to carry them around with you, which meant having stacks of cut-out pieces of paper filling up your purse or wallet. Luckily, the vouchers we use today are not your mother's cut-out vouchers.

If you want to get clinical, a voucher is a promotional tool, available as a document or an electronic graphic that you use to get a discount during purchase. As our physical and digital lives continue to merge (now more than ever), we're leaning more towards the electronic graphic vouchers you find online.

Discount Vouchers often have codes that you use to redeem your discount when you shop. You can either use the online vouchers as they are or print them out, especially if you'll be shopping in a physical store. At, we have plenty of vouchers for many online stores. Whether you need a discount off your remote working supplies, food delivery services, or arts and crafts to keep the kids entertained, our vouchers will help you save when you buy from online stores like Mainline Menswear, Peacocks, FeelUnique, The Times, JD Williams and Travelodge.

Discount Codes

Discount codes are usually a series of letters, numbers, or a combination of both, which you can use to get a discount on something you want to buy. They're known by many names such as promo code, coupon code, and voucher code; but a discount code by any other name still gives you a discount. For example, you can get a SheIn discount code on for a 20% discount off all orders.

The letters and numbers making up a discount code typically describe the offer you get when you use them. So, if you see a discount code labelled FREESHIP, it means if you use it you can get your order delivered to you free of charge.

Vouchers Versus Discount Codes

With either a voucher or a discount code, you can get a percentage off the total price of a select item, a specific dollar amount deducted from the price, or an offer for a two-for-one purchase. Apart from the physical differences, vouchers and discount codes have one more slight variation between them.

Most discount vouchers typically offer a general discount so you may find them with labels like 50% Off Sale Items. Discount codes, on the other hand, are usually associated with some sort of promotional offer. For example, some online stores may offer special discounts as part of their Mother's Day promotions and the discount codes may indicate that with text like Mother2020.