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Things You Need to Remember When Working From Home

Apr 23, 2020 Business & Office

If you have never worked from home before you’re probably finding it a bit strange and finding it hard to adapt. Each day seems to be blurring together into one giant day and before you know it, another week has passed.

Out of Sight, On the Mind: Personalised Gifts to Keep You Close While You’re Apart

Oct 22, 2020 Gift Guides

Social distancing to curb the spread of the Coronavirus brought a lot of changes to the way people work, play, and interact on a daily basis. One thing that’s changed quite a lot is the way special occasions, holidays, and events are celebrated.

Top Places to Shop for Home Décor on a Budget

Oct 21, 2020 Home & Garden

We’ve now entered autumn, the cosiest time of year! There are lots of occasions to look forward to now such as Halloween and Christmas so you may be thinking that now is the perfect time to change things around your home.

Beauty on a Budget: How to Look and Feel Amazing After Lockdown

Jul 17, 2020 Health & Beauty

Lockdown is beginning to ease but many of us are still staying indoors as much as we can and working from home. During lockdown, you may have noticed that you go an extra few days without washing your hair.

Affordable Loungewear at Mainline Menswear

Jul 16, 2020 Fashion

All of us are staying home more than usual which is a great excuse to buy some new loungewear! Noone wants to wear jeans or uncomfortable trousers while they’re working from home. You want to be as comfortable as possible yet look stylish.

Renovating Your Garden on a Budget During Lockdown

May 28, 2020 Home & Garden

Have you run out of things to do during lockdown? If so, why not give your garden a much-needed makeover? You can easily renovate your garden on a small budget and in this blog post, we’ll be sharing tips and ideas of how you can do so.

Top Tips for Buying On-Ear Headphones on a Budget

May 27, 2020 Technology

There are 3 types of headphones: in-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, and over-ear headphones. In this blog post, we’ll be going talking all about on-ear headphones.

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