3 tidy tips that'll up your storage game and help you save in 2019

Investing on interior design can feel like a burden to most people who immediately think of the costs involved before doing any significant planning. There is a somewhat bitter pill to swallow here — reliable pieces of furniture or tools for DIY might require a bit of saving from your pay packet unless you find great deals. But if you want the Pinterest-worthy living room that adds a little verve to your social media feeds when it appears on those rare, warm-fuzzy-feeling occasions, then it can be well worth the spend which turns out to be marginal in the long run. For any sizeable purchases such as drawers, shelves and kitchen cabinets it is worth seeing what B&Q has to offer first. Codes.co.uk has several B&Q vouchers including a £5 off first orders of £30 or more plus 40% discount clearance.

Whatever room you’re planning for however, tidying is the key to presentation, whether you have friends over or fancy a humble brag about your new faux mink fur rug on Instagram.


Here we list 3 ways to help hide the mess with minimal effort.


A well-organised cupboard can be surprisingly satisfying and well worth the effort. Under the kitchen sink, where everything is usually chucked in as unneat a fashion as possible, is a good place to start. Buy some baskets and separate cleaning items into categories, such as bottles and detergents, cloths and scrubs then different bin bags for food and recycling waste. See also a stackable spice rack instead of one that will mean the spices are flat and hiding behind one another. For any bigger cabinets, or cupboards and drawers, you can also pick up plastic dividers on the cheap which will up your storage game.


Once upon a time purchasing a shoe rack caused great arguments between couples and housemates. The reason why? They’re an eyesore. And there’s no nicer way of putting it. Even smaller ones are bulky and take up space, plus it’ll never be one to impress the guests. Ever been told you have a nice shoe rack? You’ll be waiting decades for that compliment. If you’re talking convenient shoe racks then take a look at this simple solution, meaning your footwear can be out of sight and out of mind when you reach home. An over-the-door shoe rack means the least used door in your home suddenly has more purpose as you can hang your shoes on the back of it. Fitting is simply popping it over the top of the door frame and won’t require any special nails or glue. Easy on, easy off.


This is especially great for students, renters but very handy for families and bigger households too. If you’d like to save wardrobe space — or do away with a wardrobe and only have drawers — check out Marie Kondo’s videos on folding clothes. It’s a Japanese technique that when done right not only gives you tranquil shivers but makes finding clothes a dream as it’s all much more visible. The best bit about this tip is it doesn’t cost a penny, only time is the investment.

Check out videos online to learn more about basic folding. It’s something not only to teach yourselves but show kids how to practice too.