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Renovating Your Garden on a Budget During Lockdown

May 28, 2020 Home & Garden

Have you run out of things to do during lockdown? If so, why not give your garden a much-needed makeover? You can easily renovate your garden on a small budget and in this blog post, we’ll be sharing tips and ideas of how you can do so.

5 Affordable Ways to Freshen up your Home for Spring

Mar 18, 2019 Home & Garden

There’s no need to make spring cleaning a costly affair. You can freshen up your home without spending a lot of money at all. You can do a lot of things for free like clearing out your wardrobe and giving your house a really good clean.

3 tidy tips that'll up your storage game and help you save in 2019

Feb 03, 2019 Home & Garden

Investing on interior design can feel like a burden to most people who immediately think of the costs involved before doing any significant planning.

Top tips to save money on pet supplies

Jan 31, 2019 Home & Garden

Pets. They’re part of the family, and we love them unconditionally. But what with vets fees, insurance, food and damaged furniture, they can cost us a small fortune.

Scoring Savings On Sleep Through Good Mattress Investment

Dec 03, 2018 Home & Garden

A good night’s rest may seem overrated in an era where everyone lives a fast-paced lifestyle, but it’s necessity goes beyond temporary comfort. Sleep is vital to your mental and physical wellbeing.

A New Generation of Holtriculturist Blooming Gardens on a Ten Pence

Oct 24, 2018 Home & Garden

With gardening becoming increasingly recognized as a craft, and a way of connecting with people, it's no wonder the art form has been met with immense popularity through social media platforms.

Should You Consider Remortgaging Your Home?

Sep 14, 2018 Home & Garden

You’ve saved up for a deposit. You’ve worked hard to purchase your home. You’ve dealt with the additional costs and now you’ve settled into your home and have been living it for some time, proud that you’ve managed to get on the property ladder.

10 Least Affordable Cities to Live In

Jul 25, 2018 Home & Garden

Here’s a list of cities where you probably shouldn’t move to in the foreseeable future; but also why you shouldn’t, just in case you might find out that they’re just right for you because oh my, rent is crazy in London, but theatre tickets are so bl

Top 10 Tips and Tricks For Decorating A Cramped Flat

Jul 19, 2018 Home & Garden

If you’re living in a flat, then the chances are that you will probably find yourself dealing with limited space, especially if you live in a small flat in a city. But having less space in your home doesn’t mean that it has to feel cramped, as you ca

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