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How to save on your studies: book deals and course discounts for students

Dec 27, 2018 Education

The Huffington Post recently revealed that the cost of books and other course equipment is the number one top worry prospective students have about starting university.

Calling All Bookworms: Stop Overpaying For Books and Buy Online to Save

Aug 30, 2018 Education

if you’re searching for books that are both new and varied, there are a number of online outlets that offer you not just variety but exceptional – and sometimes amazing – value for money.

15 Ways Being A Student Actually Saves You Money

Aug 23, 2018 Education

Our top 15 is focused on shopping, food, supplies and more, since student life is about other perks, too!

Top 10 Universities that are Perfect for Broke Students

Jul 23, 2018 Education

Unless you’re really rich, you’ll know that studying in the UK can be very expensive. From dealing with the high tuition fees to managing with rising living expenses, the life of a university student is pretty pricey.