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UK Concert Profits: Lewis Capaldi’s 2019 Arena Tour Predicted To Rake In Just 3% What The Spice World UK Tour Made From Ticket Sales

Aug 10, 2019 Smart Savings

We decided to look into what it costs fans to attend various different concerts that have either taken place this year or are still yet to take place, as well as looking at what the bands and artists themselves are estimated to make in ticket sales (

11 Types Of Insurance You Should Get

Nov 02, 2018 Smart Savings

When it comes to many aspects of your life, it’s imperative that you get yourself covered because you never know what could happen.

10 Understated Fashion Items That are Cheaper Than You Think

Sep 17, 2018 Smart Savings

Sometimes, you just expect expensive items to stay expensive forever (like technical clothes) or you work on the assumption that big brands are overpriced, period

Save Like A Londoner: 10 Tips to Avoid Wasting Money in London

Jul 27, 2018 Smart Savings

Most veteran Londoners know all the tricks, and yet sharing tips is still the best way to survive the urban jungle - so here’s some

Beat the Heat: Tips for Saving Money on your Energy Bill

Jul 17, 2018 Smart Savings

It's been tough across the entire country as mother nature turned up the heat these past few weeks.

Top 10 Things People Spend Way Too Much Money On

Jul 16, 2018 Smart Savings

Here are the top ten things people in the UK spend way too much money on. If you find yourself spending a lot of money on these items, then it’s time to scale back, because in the long term you will be able to save on hundreds of pounds a year.

What To Do With All That Loose Change Jingling In Your Pocket

Jul 09, 2018 Smart Savings

Do you have a lot of loose change in your pocket? Maybe you have some spare coins in your wallet or purse? Well, the best thing to know is that you can make those loose coins go far, making your cash stash valuable in the long here.