5 Affordable Ways to Freshen up your Home for Spring

Spring is almost here - finally! Trees are starting to blossom, the weather is getting warmer (who are we kidding? We’re in the UK!) and the idea of a fresh start sounds amazing. Once the winter is over and a new season is around the corner, it’s nice to give your home a bit of a refresh. Whether that’s doing odd jobs around the house like fixing light bulbs, tidying your junk drawer which has accumulated lots more useless bits and bobs over Christmas or buying brightly coloured cushions to give your room a warm, cosy feel.

There’s no need to make spring cleaning a costly affair. You can freshen up your home without spending a lot of money at all. You can do a lot of things for free like clearing out your wardrobe and giving your house a really good clean. Out with the old and in with the new. It’s nice to add a few new items to your home after you have given your house a much needed deep clean and tidy. Take a look at codes.co.uk to find discount codes and offers on home accessories and more.


1.A big clearout

Before you start painting, cleaning or doing other odd jobs around the house, it’s time for a big clearout. If the thought of organising your whole house is daunting, focus on one room at a time. By doing this, you’re more likely to actually sort your house out. Sort out kitchen cupboards, desk drawers, and children’s toys. It’s also a good idea to go and organise your wardrobe. Recycle old clothes, donate some items to charity and even sell a few to make a bit of extra money.

2.The deep clean

Once you have organised your house and got rid of the things you no longer want and need, it’s time to start cleaning. Not cleaned the oven in a year? It’s time to do these (not-so-nice) jobs now to make your home feel fresher than ever. Use scented cleaning products to make cleaning a bit more enjoyable and get the whole family to help to get the job done quicker.


So, you’ve cleared out the things you don’t want and given your house a really good clean. What do you do with all of the odds and ends that don’t have a home? Head to B&Q! B&Q is the place to go for DIY supplies and accessories. They have a wide range of storage boxes, storage cubes, and drawers that are great for keeping your home tidy. You can make some incredible savings on storage and more with B&Q discount codes and vouchers. It’s also worth checking their clearance section to get an even better deal. If you’re looking for decorative storage to make your home look nice then B&Q offers this too

4.A fresh look

After the doom and gloom of the dreary winter weather, you may want to brighten up your home a little. A fresh lick of paint will do just the trick. If you’re just wanting to paint over little marks and scratches on the wall then you may want to purchase a sample sized pot rather than a big pot of paint to save more money. If you’re wanting to make your home warmer and more inviting then you can find great quality paint for affordable prices at B&Q. Soft creams and pastel tones work well for spring.

5.The small details

Another affordable way to freshen up your home for spring is to invest in small home accessories that will make your home feel bright and happy. Rather than changing the whole colour scheme of your house for the season, add accents that create a spring feel. Yellow cushions will brighten up your living room, a bouquet of flowers will freshen up the kitchen and switching your bedding to something more colourful will make it feel new.

How do you like to freshen up your home for spring?