5 Alternative Choices For a Low-Budget European Holiday

Are you a bit short of money or simply committed not to waste your savings in poor holiday choices?

The recipe for a perfect budget plan features two ingredients: low season only, and the ‘next-to’ move. Low season is pretty self-explanatory: you either pick the early start or the end of peak season, or you choose a winter destination in summer (and vice versa). The ‘next-to’ technique consists in picking a less popular location to stay, which is close and well connected to where the party is. Do you want to visit Milan and its surroundings? Book a hotel in Turin with a voucher from Hotels.com. Off to a once-in-a-lifetime hangover at the Oktoberfest in Munich? Have some rest in a typical German hostel in the surrounding countryside or find travel deals for your holiday from TUI close by. Not only you will minimise the expenses, but you will be more likely to see the authentic side of the country you’re visiting. Lastly, never, EVER book a trip without checking deals at Broadway Travel and Codes.co.uk where you can find savings on car rentals, hotels and more.

For Europe-bound travellers, who have already seen all there’s to see in the most popular destination, here’s a list of 5 non-canonical tips to explore another side of the continent.


Zaragoza, Spain

Capital city of the region of Aragon, Zaragoza proudly shows over 2,000 years of history through its magnificent basilicas, churches, and palaces, all combined with excellent Spanish food - tapas on top. What makes Zaragoza extra special? It’s far from the seaside, therefore it can guarantee lower prices on travel bookings than many Spanish destinations.


##Turin, Italy Turin was the first capital of Italy, and it has all it needs to be among the other historical European metropolis. It is impossible to walk around this city without your camera at hand - every corner is a piece of history coming to life, from Roman remains to Royal Palaces. It is also home to the second most important Egyptian Museum in the world, plus, it is literally a stone’s throw from the Langhe Wine Region - part of UNESCO’s World Heritage list.


Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn has been ranked among the best value world destinations - and how could you disagree? A charming old Medieval town, it offers so much to visit, not just because of its history, but also because of the strategic position. Its proximity to the Baltic Sea gives easy access to the archipelago, and you can arrange a daily trip to Helsinki - yes, that one in Finland!


Budapest, Hungary

Budapest has already earned a special place in the heart of hardcore travellers, and yet it’s always worth reminding how this city can outlive people’s expectations. Its stunning architectonic views make every walk unique; the picturesque cafes, vintage shops, and surprising venues (they have a Video Game museum, where you can actually play vintage games) are a magnet for creative souls of all ages.



Because you can’t pick just one destination. If you are desperate for a break by the sea, in spite of your will to save money, Croatia is one of the best deals in the world. It takes one second to google its stunning beaches, and its more than one thousand islands. Here it’s when you can apply the ‘next to’ move: avoid staying in the big cities (especially if they have been used as a location for Game of Thrones), and you’ll be fine. You can even take a trip down Ancient Rome thanks to the perfectly preserved Roman remains, courtesy of Emperor Diocletian, who built the city of Split as his personal tiny Rome.

That’s what best about Europe: the chances of discovering something new are just infinite. From your flights to hotel or hostel booking you can have affordable and memorable trips throughout Europe. Even down to airport parking you can make your trip budget friendly with Codes.co.uk’s exclusive Trusted Travel voucher code for 26% off airport parking. Park, fly, make memories and return home from the trip of a lifetime at one of these 5 amazing destinations.