5 Lesser Known & More Affordable Travel Destinations in the UK

Every year thousands of People flock to Britain's most popular destinations such as London, Yorkshire, Cotswold as these places offer plenty of events ranging from sports to delightful cuisines, music festivals, theatre and so much more. However, apart from these famously picturesque places, there are many destinations in the U.K. that are more affordable and brimming with adventures that most tourists have never heard of. If you're looking to have a vacation full of fun experiences, look below for 5 of the most affordable, hidden gems in the UK:


1. Barnard Castle

Situated on a high rock above the River Tees in Teesdale, Barnard Castle was named after the 12th century founder Bernard de Balliol and was later reconstructed by Richard III. The castle looks down to the tumultuous River and sits on the edge of an attractive market town known as 'Barney'. This town is loved by discerning shoppers and treasure seekers as its numerous antique shops provide a unique shopping experience. Many shops sell items such as local crafts and gifts, home décor, designer clothes, jewelry, vintage and retro items and much more. While the idea of shopping in the bustling urban area of London might be a nice thought, in Barney you will get more bang for your buck and you won't have to put up with crowds.


2. Dunwich

Dunwich, also known as the lost city of England, is a tiny village that has a big story to tell. Dunwich is a small but culturally rich town that suffers from coastal erosion and is the perfect destination for history lovers. Visitors can take a stroll along its calming beaches, cycle along its quiet lanes, spend hours watching some of the UK's rarest wildlife or enjoy some excellent fish-and-chips at the famous Flora Tea Rooms.


3. Camely Street Natural Park

Camely Street Natural Park is a unique nature reserve, located in central London - between King's Cross and St. Pancras. It was created from wasteland and is now a haven for diverse wildlife. This natural reserve is home to different species of birds, butterflies, amphibians, and plant life. Unfortunately, Camely Street Natural Park is closed for construction for a new visitor and learning center, but it will reopen in spring 2019.

Llŷn Peninsula

4. Llŷn Peninsula

Hidden between Snowdonia and the Irish Sea, you'll find the beautiful Llŷn Peninsula. What sets it apart is its mix of culture, heritage, traditional farmsteads, little ports, beaches, bays, and sea-cliffs; this place is quite unlike anything else you'll find in Wales. The beautiful sandy, pristine beaches lining the coast of this North Wales peninsular are great for a peaceful walk. Its sunny southern coast attracts walkers and wakeboarders while the ancient pilgrimage site of Bardsey Island, at its tip, is a haven for wildlife.


5. Lansallos

Lansallos is a tiny village just two miles from Polperro and has a quite beautiful - and comparatively empty - beach with a bright blue sea and sheltered sand. There is a small waterfall on the western side of the beach known as Reed Water which used to power a small mill. Lansallos is owned and looked after by the National Trust. It is a great destination for families looking to spend some quiet family time together without emptying out your bank account.