5 Larger-Than-Life Necessities You Need During Your luxurious Hotel Stay

If you are taking a holiday, sure, you want to save some money where you can. But sometimes, you need to go big or just stay home. That is why if you are going to go all out, you might as well go for the best. The first and possibly most important decision you are going to make is where you will lay your head at night.

The Hotel

They say money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy you a few nights of luxury. If you have saved up all year long for a big blowout on relaxation and luxury, then you need to find the hotel that fits all of your needs. What kind of luxury are we talking about? Here are 5 things you will need in your “larger than life” stay during your next holiday.

rooftop view

1. Amenities

If the rooms amenities don’t include personal bathrobes and slippers, forget about it. Who wants to get out of the shower or tub and not have a fluffy warm robe to wrap up in? When it comes to splurging on a “fancy” hotel it is the little things that count. Like in-room aroma or Hermes Toiletries that you will get at The Montcalm hotels, luxury is in the details and if you are looking to book a room, check online at the amenities list and make sure it hits all of your needs.

2. Spa

It isn’t a real holiday unless you are totally relaxed. That is why it is of the utmost importance that your hotel has a spa. You should be able to book yourself a massage or facial in the middle of the day and simply walk downstairs to get it. Pick your poison from the spa brochure in your room and have the concierge book your appointment. Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy 50-minutes of pure bliss with a Swedish massage.


3. Wine and Dine

Food options are a must, and no we aren’t talking food court. Having in-hotel dining options is important when you don’t want to have to research places to eat during your stay. Whether it is a fancy dinner or a bite at the pub, you gotta have options. Book an afternoon tea during your stay to get the full-meal-deal and indulge yourself during your stay.

dining room

4. Room Service

Sometimes the room is so relaxing, and you are too comfortable in that bathrobe to get changed and go out for dinner. That is why room service is a MUST. Stay in and treat yourself to a 3-course meal bedside or order your favorite breakfast from bed with a dine-in menu. Some luxury hotels offer 24/7 food options for those late-night cravings and last-minute decadent orders so you can get your food fix anytime, day or night. It is paramount to have the dining in option, so you never go hungry in your state of ultimate luxury and relaxation.

hotel room

5. Indulgences

Ever heard of a pillow menu? It is exactly that. A menu with different options on the pillow you want to sleep on. From ecological to hypoallergenic, even anti-aging, you can indulge during your stay down to the down in your pillow. The Montcalm has pillow options for every sleeper and every need. Nothing is “over the top” when it comes to luxury at this iconic hotel in the heart of London.