5 Tips for Saving Money on Mother's Day Flowers

Mums are incredible, aren’t they? They help shape who you are and are always there when you need them. Mother’s Day is the perfect chance to tell your mum just how much you love and appreciate her. Nothing says ‘thank you for being the best mum’ than sending a beautiful bouquet on Mother’s Day. Shopping for the perfect Mother’s Day flowers does not need to be expensive. Here are our top 5 tips to help you save money on Mother’s Day flowers.


1. Choose flowers that are in season

One way to save money when buying Mother’s Day flowers is to buy flowers that are in-season. In-season flowers are a lot more affordable than flowers that are out-of-season and are in popular demand. Online florists like Interflora makes finding in-season flowers super easy. Click onto “spring flowers” and you’ll find beautiful bouquets that contain spring flowers like carnations, tulips, and periwinkles which are perfect flowers for Mother’s Day. Tulips and carnations come in a variety of colours so choose a colour scheme you know your mum will love.

2. Buy a smaller bouquet

When you’re on a really tight budget but want to treat your mum, spending less and buying a smaller bouquet is a lovely idea. Don’t spend more than you can afford. Any flowers are a nice gesture on Mother’s day and sometimes less can be more. Choose a smaller bouquet of your mum’s favourite flowers at Prestige Flowers and save up to 30% off using our discount code.

3. Buy flowers that last

If you want your money to stretch further and want your mum to enjoy her lovely gift for longer then opt for blooms that last. Lilies are a great choice and they look beautiful too. If they are looked after well then they can last up to 4 weeks. There are many wonderful Lily bouquets at Serenata Flowers and some are even mixed with other flowers too to add even more colour. Don’t limit yourself just to flowers. Why not buy your mum a potted plant? There are so many nice ones to choose from and your mum can put it in the garden and enjoy it all season long.

4. Order online

No-one wants to go to the supermarket or florist on a busy day like Mother’s Day. Save yourself the stress and hassle and order online instead. Explore a range of options and compare prices to see what fits within your budget. There a lot more choice online too and you can even pair your bouquet of flowers with bears, chocolate, wine or champagne. What’s great about shopping online is that there are so many discounts you can use to help you save money. Check out our discount codes and offers for flowers.

5. Order early

Ordering early is another great way of saving money on Mother’s Day flowers. If you’re a particularly forgetful person then ordering early is always a great idea anyway and if you can save money that’s even better. Order and deliver your flowers early for fresher blooms. You’re also a lot less likely to have any substitutions so you will get the exact bouquet you ordered and know your mum will adore. There’s also a lot less chance of your flowers arriving late too.

Don’t forget to check codes.co.uk to help you make amazing savings on flowers this Mother’s Day.