5 Ways Couples Can Save Money While Traveling

Traveling on a budget is a challenge when going solo but it’s even more challenging when traveling as a pair. Your budget becomes tighter because essentially you’re spending twice as much. If you’re smart and know a few money-saving hacks then you will be able to travel as a couple for a lot less than you think. From sharing a suitcase to cooking meals together, we’ll be sharing 5 ways couples can save money while traveling.


1. Look out for the best flight deals

Flying is generally the cheapest form of transport when traveling. If you plan your trip in advance then you can save a significant amount by booking early. If you’re more of a spontaneous couple and like to travel often then make sure to look out for the best flight deals.

Take a look at sites like Jet2 and BudgetAir and compare them to see which could help you make better savings. Don’t forget to use our flights vouchers and discount codes to save more.

2. Share a suitcase

If you’re an avid traveler then you will know you need to pack light! If you have to pay for luggage then it’s a good idea to share a suitcase. Make sure that you only pack the essentials so you can squeeze everything into one case. Sharing a suitcase is not only a great money-saving hack but it also means you have less luggage to carry around.

3. The whole package

If you want to book a spontaneous trip with ease then sites like lastminute can help you out a lot. Here you can make huge savings on flights, hotels, car hire, and entertainment. By booking a package deal you could save even more. We have so many great offers at the moment too so make sure to check those out if you’re thinking about booking an impromptu holiday.

4. Cheap days out

Eating out every night can get expensive so why not have a romantic picnic every other night? Whether you’re road tripping around America or backpacking around Europe, there will be beautiful sights all around you. Pick a beautiful spot and set up a picnic.

Picnics are nice and cheap. Take a trip to the local supermarket and grab a selection of sandwiches, cheese, fruit, and a bottle of wine. For cheap days out, it’s a great idea to take advantage of 2 for 1 deals on tourist attractions. Traveling as a couple needn’t be expensive when you can go sightseeing for the price of one.

5. Cook together

Cooking together is not only a nice activity but will also help you save a few pennies. Of course, you may want to try out the local cuisine, however, choosing to eat in for just one night can still save you money. If you choose to stay in an Airbnb you’re likely to have your own kitchen where you can cook.

If you do want to eat out, why not share your meals (If you’re like Joey from friends this may be a no-go). It’s a nice idea to share a starter and a main rather than getting two individual dishes. As well as saving money you’re likely to waste less food too.

Traveling with your partner or best friend can be so much fun and does not have to be expensive at all. By taking our tips on board and using our travel deals, you will manage to save enough money to go traveling again.