5 Ways to Save Money on Business Trips with Travelodge

Business trips can easily become very expensive and without having an appropriate budget, you can easily spend far too much. Some businesses fail to make necessary cuts which can have detrimental effects. We want you to have the extra cash to spend in other areas of your business so we’re sharing 5 great tips to help you save money on your next business trip from booking travel in advance to booking with affordable hotels like Travelodge.


1. Book travel in advance

Many business events can be last minute, however, if you can, make sure to book all travel in advance. Not only will this be a lot cheaper, you’re more likely to get everyone a seat too - no one likes standing on a long journey!

Train tickets and flight fares can be significantly cheaper when you buy months before and you can make some great savings on occasions like Black Friday. Traveling overnight also tends to be a lot cheaper as not as many people tend to travel at this time.

2. Cut costs with an affordable hotel

Your business stay doesn’t have to be expensive. You really don’t need to spend hundreds per person when you have hotels like Travelodge which are affordable, has speedy WiFi, comfortable beds, and a great breakfast in the morning - all for as little as £29 per person.

Over 25, 000 businesses save with Travelodge so why not let your business save with them too. It’s free to join Travelodge business and there are so many benefits to joining. Take advantage of their dedicated support team and track and control your company expenditure. With over 540 hotels in great locations for business, you’re sure to cut costs on other things like travel too.

3. Sign up for the Travelodge business account card

Signing up for the Travelodge Business account card can help you make some fantastic savings. There are many benefits you can enjoy such as interest free credit for up to 6 weeks so you don’t have to worry about costs upfront as all expenses can be prepaid. The Travelodge Business card also allows you to save time and provides you with monthly invoices. What’s even better is that the membership guarantees a saving of at least 5% off all flexible rate bookings which is perfect if your business travels a lot and want to cut down costs.

4. Don’t try to impress unnecessarily

As much as you may want to impress clients and potential investors, it’s important to only spend money within your means. You can still impress on a budget. Buying them a gift or paying for their fancy meal isn’t going to make them more likely to invest or work with you. If you do want to pay for their meal, make sure to go somewhere you can afford and look at some of our discount codes to get even more money off. Don’t fall into the trying too hard to impress trap as it may take a strong hit to your business bank balance.

5. Set a realistic food allowance

To reduce overspending, you need to set a food allowance. Set a realistic allowance per day per person so they can freely choose whatever they want like to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Of course, there are a few special occasions when celebrating a big business success where the allowance may go out the window and that’s perfectly reasonable. It’s also a good idea to investigate menus online first so you can see what works with your budget and also see if there’s something that everyone likes.

Another great way to save when it comes to food is to take advantage of the hotel breakfast as these are often cheaper than going out to a restaurant (and there are no travel costs!). Travelodge offers an unlimited breakfast with lots of tasty cooked options from as little as £8.50.

Don’t forget to search for coupons on our website to save even more on food, travel and more. Make sure to check out the Travelodge Business account card too so you can cut down costs every time you book a business stay.