8 Products an LA Trainer Says Can Save Your Body and Wallet

When we see the new headline on our favorite health and wellness site tell us the next hot new trend in diet and exercise all we see is the dollar signs. From mushroom coffee to essential oil diffusers, CBD to BCAA there are products on top of products that claim to fix all of our problems. Whether we are sleeping terribly, hanging on to a little too much weight or stressed out of our mind, there seems to be something we can buy to make that issue disappear. The problem is, that item changes week to week.

If we bought every item that said it could help with sleep, help you lose weight or help you to simply relax, our paycheck would be gone before we even spent it. To help cut down on those experimental costs we have compiled a list of products to help alleviate the pressure. As a personal trainer and certified nutrition specialist in Los Angeles, CA I have truly seen and tried it all. From new fitness crazes to fad diets I have been a human guinea pig to see what products and practices help myself and my clients truly thrive and which are just not worth the investment.

Here are 8 products that can save your body and your wallet from bad health investments down the line.

Gut Health

Gut health is all the rage. The gut/body connection is strong and a lot of today’s physical and mental issues can be traced back to improper gut health and dysfunction. From having a limited gut microbiome to missing key factors in one’s nutrition and diet there are a few key things you can add to your day in terms of supplements to help foster a healthy gut!


The average person needs 25-35 grams of fiber a day. To put this in perspective the average intake in the UK is anywhere from 17-20. In order to reach this goal, we need a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains to fill our fiber needs. Fiber is a carbohydrate that cannot be digested into sugar molecules, thus helping regular blood sugar levels, keep us feeling fuller longer to get hunger in check and also it feeds our healthy gut bacteria keeping our digestion on point. Along with a nutritious diet, it helps to hit fiber goals in other ways by supplementing with healthy additions like Flax Seed Powder in a smoothie or protein shake to get some added fiber in our morning. This can also be a good addition to oatmeal and baked goods to help get adequate amounts of fiber in every meal.


Have tummy troubles? A great thing to keep around is ginger. A simple tea made from grated ginger, lemon and honey in boiling water can help settle a stomach, alleviate nausea and act as a natural anti-inflammatory remedy. Inflammation is necessary for our body to counteract illness and injury but in access, it can damage our healthy cells and turn our immune system against us. Adding anti-inflammatory ingredients to our regimen can get access inflammation in check, particularly in our digestion. If you are prone to stomach issues having a knob of ginger around for health concoctions and cooking is a simple and affordable way to add some health to your day.



So you know that healthy gut bacteria we were talking about? Well sometimes all the antibiotics and medications we take, not to mention unhealthy diets, are changing and killing those healthy bacteria in our gut. These are necessary for the proper digestion and breakdown of food, and when those little guys aren’t there doing their job, serious issues can occur. From constipation to gut bloat and gas, this can have a major effect on our body. The best way to combat this is with daily probiotics. Look for a probiotic with lactobacillus to promote growth of good bacteria and maintain healthy levels in your digestive track. In order to keep the probiotics flowing adding items in your diet like kimchi or kombucha can help. While they don’t have live probiotic cultures in them they can help promote healthy gut bacteria and growth.


Your diet plays a big role in in your health. From your gut to your energy levels and yes, your weight, diet is the single most important thing. While there is a lot of information out there one thing is for certain, it is not one size fits all. Instead opt for quality food that is not processed or high in sugar and make sure to add these two items to your daily life to help hit key macro nutrients every day.

isolate protein


Protein is important for proper body function, repair and growth. The building blocks for muscles protein is a key macro nutrient that sometimes gets a bad rap. While blokes are all about getting their protein, unfortunately some women do not get enough. Get a quality protein you can easily add to morning smoothies and aim for 20-25 grams every meal. It helps keep you full, turn off hunger hormones and fuel your body properly. Can’t to whey protein? Stomach issues? Isolate is a great option for those looking for pure quality protein that won’t disturb their stomach due to dairy.

Healthy Fats

This isn’t 1995, you should not be afraid to eat fat! Instead opt for healthy fats like avocado, olive oil and yes nut butter. A favorite among different diets is almond butter. Paleo and full of healthy fats, fiber and of course protein almond butter is a great option. Be careful though, just like its whole form, almonds are calorically dense and with this stuff it is easy to go overboard.

Joint health

For proper joint health there is more you can do than just drinking your milk. From the activities you do to your supplements and diet, taking care of joints now can prevent damage in the future.

workout shoe

Comfortable Footwear

If you stand and walk a lot for your job or simply live an active lifestyle, having proper shoes and support is extremely important. To ensure you have comfortable footwear you should first invest in a quality pair of fitness shoes. Go a step farther, literally and metaphorically, with proper insoles.

shoe insert

Wearing the right footwear can strengthen muscles and joints in your feet and ankles, promote proper alignment, alleviate back pain and even prevent injury.

collagen supplement

Collagen and Glucosamine

While there is a lot you can do for joint pain (queue pain relievers and creams) preventative measures can be taken in supplement form to help promote healthy joint function and prevent wear and tear that can cost you down the road. Instead get collagen and joint supplements that help keep your joints healthy and prevent further damage down the road.

yoga mat

Yoga mat

One of the best ways to stay healthy is to stay active. Active and mobile joints are healthy joints, however, some cannot do high impact workouts like CrossFit or Running so instead opt for yoga. A low-impact, healthy alternative, yoga is a great way to get a workout in, work on proper alignment and mobility and keep your body and mind healthy, preventing damage and eliminating need for other medications and even doctor visits for pain. Grab a yoga mat and get stretching and moving.