Athlete Guide: Low-Cost Tennis Bag Essentials

If you are an athlete, then you are aware at how costly it can be to pursue your passion. What with all the equipment, protein shakes, apparel, and gym memberships, your wallet is likely to take a hit the more you spend on sports-related expenses. While tennis is not the most expensive sport to take up, there is still a wide range of gear you must invest in to be properly suited to play. Luckily, stores like Stringers' World and Second Hand Rackets have got you covered when it comes to affordable tennis equipment. Whether you’re just starting out or are professionally competing, here’s your complete guide for economically gearing up to play:

Tennis Bag

You can’t have bag essentials without, well, a bag! A reasonably priced tennis bag, equipped with a racket holder and shoulder padding, is hard to come by. Luckily, you can get up to 50% at Stringers' World when you use our coupons, and get a quality bag without denting your bank account!

The Racket

This is undoubtedly the most essential requirement for tennis playing. Unfortunately, this is also the most expensive piece of gear in your bag, especially with the maintenance of yearly grip and string changes. Stores like Second Hand Rackets make it so you don’t need deep pockets to afford a nice quality racket. On their site you can find a tennis racket, along with durable racket bags, for less than £30--quite the deal! Shop like a saver and feel like a pro when you use our discounts for tennis gear on

Additional Attire

It never hurts to have extra socks and a fresh shirt for after a game that leaves you drenched, or for a third set on the court. Always be ready for a rematch when you use our discounts. Get 30% off all apparel at Stringers' World today!

tennis balls

Spare Balls

Aside from the snacks, these items are the cheapest in your tennis bag. Spare balls aren’t crucial, but they’re convenient. Stringers' World has a bargain deal with a dozen balls for only £12. A guilt-free way to play!

Extra Grips

Worn out grips are bothersome and can cause blisters and issues with your strokes--a tennis player’s living nightmare. This is an equipment failure that can easily be avoided if you keep extra grips in your bag. Get free delivery on grips at Stringers' World on orders over £50 when you use our coupons. Never find yourself grip-less again!