Create These Easy and Fun Halloween Costumes With 3 Items or Less

With Halloween on the horizon, there is only one question to ask? Have you made up your mind about your Halloween costume yet? Costumes are a dime a dozen and you can easily find a cute princess or pirate girl costume in your local store. If you want to dress to impress, check out Ann Summers for a sexy costume that will have heads turning all night. But the easiest and most inexpensive approach is to go the DIY route. If you choose to do so, check out these 5 inexpensive options for costumes that are creative and cute.

jellyfish costume

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1. A Flashy Jellyfish

Materials: an umbrella, yarn and led batteries These fascinating creatures residing in the ocean will forever be an inspiration for a fun Halloween costume. All you'll to become a jellyfish is a clear or white umbrella, a bunch of yarn and some led battery-operated lights. Cut out the yarn in a bunch of one-inch strips to create the tentacles and glue them to the umbrella. The next step is to attach the Led light to the umbrella. Pair it with something white and you’re good to go.

pineapple costume

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2. DIY Pineapple Dress

Materials: green poster board, a headband This exotic tropical fruit costume is perfect for Halloween. It is easy to make and brings momentum. If you can find a thick green poster board, a headband and anything yellow, then you’re all set. The only part of this costume that requires some work is the hat. While it might look tricky, it actually is very easy to make. All you need to do is use the cardboard to make a tube and pineapple leaves ranging from large to small. Cover the entire tube with the leaves to create beautiful pineapple leaves. Attach the leaves to a headband with hot glue. Pair it with anything yellow to transform into a walking pineapple.

ice cream costume

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3. A Tasty Ice Cream

Materials: a white dress, a cone hat and a set of rainbow-colored poster board. Become the main attraction on Halloween this year with this ice cream costume. It is simple yet practical enough to wear to any Halloween party this year. This costume is easily made! Simply attach some sprinkles made out of rainbow colors poster board to a white dress and put on a brown cone hat.

handmaids tale

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4. The Handmaid's Tale

Materials: white paper, a red dress Grab your bestie and become a handmaid from Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel the handmaid's tale. For this look, all you need is a bonnet made out of white paper and a red dress. BOOM!

Grape costumes

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5. A Bunch of Grapes

Materials: purple, red or green balloons (depending on the type of grapes you want to be), red cardboard paper, and a sweatshirt An insanely funny, creative and inexpensive costume for young and old. It truly helps that this costume is so easy to make. All you need to do is blow up the balloons and pin them to your sweatshirt to create the shape of a bunch of grapes. Cut the leaves from red cardboard paper and pin them to the neckline of the shirt. And you’ve instantly transformed into a bunch of grapes. You can paint your face in the colors of your chosen grapes but that is completely up to you.