Department Store Shopping Guide: How to Find the Best Deals

The mode of shopping has changed over the past several years thanks to the internet - with the emergence of big retailers such as Amazon, and funky boutique-style stores like Missguided and Boohoo. However, sometimes these shops won't bring you the best deals. Instead, if you take a look at your local department stores, you can find the biggest discounts both in-store and online. Below you'll find a Department Store Shopping Guide, that has been put together by the savings experts at, and will help you find the best deals in local and international department stores.

High End Fashion

High Street Fashion

Even though there are a range of fashion brands and retailers out there, department stores such as Debenhams have a variety of fashion brands all in one place. With Debenhamds, you can find high street brands such as Blue Vanilla, Apricot, Oasis, Wallis and Warehouse, and more, so you can find the right styles at affordable prices. If you fancy designer items, Debenhams has highend brands too such as Versace, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and Kurt Geirger. For special deals on fashion, you should shop the seasonal sales (like summer and Boxing Day), shop during the low season, and shop online using voucher codes.

Seasonal Shops

Seasonal Shop

When it comes to special occasions, department stores will certainly have you covered. Many will have a "Seasonal Shop" in store and online so you can purchase items that were tailor-made for those special moments. You can look for holiday pieces, find products for the summer, or buy gifts in the lead up to Christmas.

To get a good bargain, make sure you purchase from the seasonal shop in the low season or after the occasion has passed. For example, if you want to save some pounds on your Christmas items, shop well in advance when the demand is low (i.e. September) or shop after the 25th of December, as most items will be reduced to the clearance section.

Beauty Concession Stands


Many department stores play host to a number of beauty concession stands, so if you're a beauty lover, you can have an interactive experience by looking around, testing products, and even scoring a complimentary makeover.

You can also find exclusive offers in-store and online (such as "3 for 2," "get a discount if you spend over £35" or "spend £50 and get a complimentary gift."). Be sure to take advantage of these offers and make the most of them while they're valid. Some advisors at beauty counters even offer vouchers so you can save on your next shopping trip!



While a lot of us visit top technology outlets and retailers, most shoppers are missing a money-saving trick. This is because some department stores sell technology products and gadgets at heavily reduced prices. To find the best deal, be sure to shop around and compare prices between your favorite department stores and the typical technology outlets.