How to Save Money When Buying Fragrance

The last and most important step of getting ready in the morning is putting on your favourite fragrance. Finishing your outfit off with a beautiful scent can make you feel complete, confident and ready for the day. Perfume and aftershave is typically a luxury item so can be quite expensive. Whether you’re treating yourself to a new fragrance for summer or buying a unique fragrance for a loved one, you can make some great savings following these simple tips:


Try before you buy

We all have scents we like and scents we don’t. Perhaps you like perfume with floral notes or aftershave with woody tones. If you’re wanting to go for a different fragrance or you’re eager to try out the latest fragrance from Paco Rabanne, Viktor Rolf or Marc Jacobs then why not test it out. The Perfume Shop has a great range of Try Me Samples from top brands including Mugler, Gucci, and Michael Kors. Try Me Samples are a great way to try out your new fragrance when making a purchase so that you can make a return if you don’t like it.

Gift sets are the way to go

More often than not, you will save more money buying a gift set as opposed to just the fragrance. This is especially great when buying gifts for all occasions as the person you’re giving it to will get an extra gift and the presentation is so much nicer. For example, at the moment the popular Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette for him is currently £52 whereas the Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette for him gift set is £47 and comes with an additional Hugo Boss shower gel. Next time you’re shopping for your favourite fragrance, check out the gift sets section and bag yourself an extra treat!

Look for offers

Here at you can find the best fragrance deals and offers including up to 50% off at The Perfume Shop on selected special offers. You can also check out The Perfume Shop’s offers on their offers page and you can browse by deals of the week, members offers and you can even shop the sale. There are also some great free gifts including luxury weekend bags, cosmetic sets, and travel sprays. Make sure to check the offers page around Father’s Day, Christmas and Mother’s Day to find the best deals.

Choose carefully

Choosing the right fragrance can be tricky if you’re buying something new. When venturing out and trying a new fragrance, take a look at the description of your current favourite. Does it have a floral scent? Citrus scent? Or maybe an oriental scent? At The Perfume Shop you can shop by scent which makes it so much easier to find fragrances that you may like. If you’re buying something new it might also be a good idea to buy it in the smallest size and if it becomes a new favourite then you can buy the larger size next time.

What are your favourite fragrances?