How to Shop for Mother's Day Gifts on a Budget

Christmas, birthday’s, anniversaries, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day. With an occasion to shop for nearly every month, if you’re not careful with your money, shopping for gifts can make a huge dent in your bank account. Mum’s deserve the world. But what if you’re on a budget? There are so many ways you can shop for Mother’s Day gifts on a budget and we’ll be sharing some of our best tips with you. From sharing the cost of gifts with your siblings to making your own gifts, read on if you want to see how you can save money.


Split the cost with siblings

One of the best ways you can save money when buying Mother’s Day gifts is to split the cost with your brothers and sisters. If you have 4 other siblings for example, then all put £10 into the pot and you’ll have £50 for a lovely gift for your mum chosen lovingly by all of her children. Doing this will be a lot more cost-effective and is so much more fun too! Have a fun day out with your siblings, head to the shopping centre and choose a nice gift. John Lewis is a great store to go to as it has everything from makeup to handbags, hampers, and candles.

Make your own gifts

If you’re on a really tight budget then making your own gifts for Mother’s Day is a really nice idea. Not only is this a lot more sentimental and thoughtful, but you can also put your creative skills to the test and have some fun. Hobbycraft is the place to go for all of the craft supplies you may need to create the perfect gift for your mum. If you’re not the most crafty person then you can pick up craft kits that are easy to follow like candle making kits and jewellery making kits. If you are more artistic or have more time on your hands then why not paint your mum a beautiful canvas or have a go at sewing and make a unique piece of decor. You can easily make something from scratch for as little as £5.

Set a spending limit

When you’re shopping, particularly in a shopping centre, it can be easy to lose track of how much you’re spending. If you’re on a budget then it’s important to set a spending limit and stick to it. Promise yourself to not go over the budget even by a penny! Shopping online makes it easier to stick to your budget. Online stores like IWOOT and Moonpig are great places to shop if you’re looking for affordable mother’s day gifts. You can search by price range to find gifts within your budget.

Use discount codes

Our final tip for you, of course, is to use discount codes. Before buying your Mother’s Day gifts, check to see if we have a discount code you can use. Using discount codes can save you so much money so it really would be silly not to use them! At the moment you can make great savings of up to 50% off at Hawkin’s Bazaar, £10 off at The Body Shop when you spend £30 and up to 20% off selected bestsellers at Serenata Flowers.