iPhone XS vs. iPhone 8 Plus: What’s Best For You?

Apple releases a better, sleeker, fancier phone every year—or so they say. The iPhone XS has numerous features that consider it Apple’s most polished product yet, but it’s also the most expensive phone on the market. At a whopping £999 for the least capacity, the iPhone XS may not be the most budget friendly choice, especially when compared to the iPhone 8 Plus which is £300 cheaper. However, if you prioritise camera and screen quality, then the iPhone XS could be the phone of your dreams. Here are a few pros and cons of each phone to help you decide what best fits your needs:


iPhone XS

The design of the new iPhone is primarily what makes it stand out. With its super retina HD display screen covering the entirety of the phone, the iPhone XS looks sleeker than ever. This also means that there is no more home button, and facial recognition is the only way to unlock your phone. This phone is also a tad lighter and more water resistant than the iPhone 8 Plus, which are both features that may seem minuscule but can help out in the long-run.

iPhone 8 Plus

The iPhone 8 Plus is more traditionally designed, equipped with a home button and smaller screen. Although the appearance of this phone is not as smooth, it is much less prone to shattering. This is definitely a benefit considering all the cracked iPhone screens out there. The iPhone 8 Plus is also slightly larger than the XS, which adds to the bulkiness of it in comparison to the XS. If change is not your thing when it comes to technology, this iPhone may be a fit for you.

rose gold and silver iphone


iPhone XS

Apple’s camera greatly improves each year, and the new iPhone XS is proof. We thought portrait mode couldn’t get any better, but this iPhone has an even more advanced depth control system that allows you to adjust the depth after the photo is taken. Additionally, the smart HDR feature brings more structure to photos, making them look more flawless than ever with its augmented highlight and shadow detail. These features are also available for the front camera so even your selfies look professionally shot.

iPhone 8 Plus

This phone’s horizontal camera is also highly remarkable, but does not have the same capabilities. The front camera is not as dimensional, and portrait mode is only available for the rear camera. Despite the lack of advanced lense depth, the camera on the iPhone 8 Plus still beats any other competing brand’s camera. If affordability is an important factor for you, then the iPhone 8 Plus’ camera is impressive enough to settle for, especially when considering the high price of the iPhone XS.


iPhone XS

With its new and improved chipset, the iPhone XS is 15% faster and 50% more energy efficient than the chip used in the previous models. Apple’s website claims that the A12 Bionic chip is “the smartest, most powerful chip used in a smartphone.” With this in mind, the battery life is more impressive and allows you to experience the best operating system that Apple has to offer.

iPhone 8 Plus

This phone utilizes the A11 Bionic chip; although this is a downgrade from the XS, the iPhone 8 Plus still performs better than competing brands and still has an incredible speed and battery life. The differences between each chip aren’t totally drastic, but the 8 Plus is less powerful when it comes down to it.


Ultimately, personal preference is the determining factor for choosing the best-suited phone for you. If being able to take a Kodak-level photo is a priority, then the iPhone XS will definitely satisfy your photo-taking cravings. If affordability is your first concern, then the iPhone 8 Plus is an economically safer choice while still being a high quality product with incredible features. When taking power efficiency into account, both phones are superior to many other brands. After considering these comparisons, it looks like the iPhone 8 Plus is a better bang for your buck!