Out of Sight, On the Mind: Personalised Gifts to Keep You Close While You’re Apart

Social distancing to curb the spread of the Coronavirus brought a lot of changes to the way people work, play, and interact on a daily basis. One thing that’s changed quite a lot is the way special occasions, holidays, and events are celebrated.

Before the pandemic, you’d plan parties, trips, or even small family gatherings to celebrate a birthday, wedding, graduation, or just getting through a work week in one piece. Now, with social distancing and other Covid-19 regulations, a lot of that isn’t possible or safe.

Luckily, the gifting industry adapted to these changes with fun ways to keep you together while you’re apart. So, even if you can’t celebrate with your loved ones, your gift will help them feel your love and well wishes from afar. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the brands and companies providing ideal gifts for these new and daring times, and how you can save on whatever you order.



From the time the first one was taken, the value of photos has remained priceless to this day. Photos capture memories in a way that our minds can’t, keeping those precious moments forever immortalised in pixels.

PhotoBox puts a unique spin on the tradition of keeping photos in an album. Instead of the simple photo albums with a random picture on the cover and sleeves to slip your photos in, PhotoBox has beautiful, high-quality photo books. Thanks to the customisation features, you can get creative with the design, add special messages and fun decorations. Your photos are printed in high resolution so you can see your beautiful memories as clearly as possible. It’s a perfect gift for a loved one, which allows them to share your experiences, even if they can’t be there with you in the moment. PhotoBox also has a special discount offer on their A4 cutout collection, giving you savings up to 50% off.

One of the best gifts you can give is a personalised gift from PhotoBox. Personalised gifts give you the liberty to add your favorite photos to a mug, wall art, fridge magnet, wall calendar, jigsaw puzzle, or any other customisable product available. With such unique personalised gifts, the recipient will always smile when they walk past a wall, open the fridge, check the date, drink a cup of coffee, or play a puzzle game. It’s a fun, beautiful way to express how much you care and give them a reminder of that. Other gifts you can get from PhotoBox are photo prints, canvas, cards, calendars, cases and lots more. There’s also a gifts for kids section with delightful things that will make the little ones in your life happy, plus lots of freebies and exclusive offers. If you use the PhotoBox discount codes and vouchers on our site, you can buy your gifts at a lower price and save.



Similar to PhotoBox, Snapfish gives you fun ways to remember the precious moments captured in your photos. Using the online platform, you can upload your photos from your device, social media accounts, or Google Photos and keep them safely there or use them for a project. Thanks to Snapfish, you can create photo books, cards, canvas prints, and photo gifts easily.

There are plenty of customizable products available on the Snapfish website where you can add your photos. That includes various home decor items, wall art, mugs, cards, calendars, and phone cases too so you can take your favourite photo along with you wherever you go. Whatever the occasion, Snapfish can help you create the perfect personalised photo gift for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and any milestones you like to celebrate.

Snapfish also caters to businesses looking for the perfect gifts to show employees their appreciation or encourage customers to come back again. The corporate gifts range includes ready-made designs that you can customise with a photo of your choice, text, or company logo. To help you save on your gift orders, Snapfish has plenty of coupons, deals, and discount offers available on the website. We also provide Snapfish discount codes and vouchers you can redeem for a discount when you shop.


If you want to dazzle a loved one with a beautiful gift, Zazzle has a range of exquisite gifts that’ll do the trick. The gifts section of the website features affordable items you can give in celebration of special holidays, events, milestones, or to send a particular message. This range includes photo gifts and monogram gifts that are perfect if you want something personalised; as well as funny gifts like dog nose face masks and postcards with hilarious prints to bring a smile on anyone’s face.

For a lot of these gifts, Zazzle offers discounts, making it easier and affordable to spoil your loved ones. Besides the traditional gifts, Zazzle has plenty of customizable products that you can make unique with personal photos or pop culture images and references. So, if you’re buying a gift for someone who’s a fan of DC, Marvel, Disney, Looney Tunes and many others, Zazzle gives you the opportunity to customise anything with characters from those universes. Our Zazzle discount codes and vouchers will help you save on these unique gifts so you can spoil more people for less.


Everything from Personalise is personalised to your expectation and satisfaction. The products available include various types of gifts for all kinds of celebrations, like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and graduations. This range includes jewelry, dinkware, teddy bears and lots more.

You can personalise any of their products at no extra cost, which means you can have your name, initials, or message printed onto a product of your choice without extra charges. On top of that, you can get the products at a discount by using our Personalise vouchers and discount codes.

Since the products have to be customised, it might take some time before they are ready to ship. The dispatch time varies according to the product being customised and may be longer towards holidays. The free personalisation offer on all products makes up for the waiting time, plus it’ll save you a few dollars, which you can add to delivery charges and pay for faster shipping.


If you’re looking for an extraordinary gift, Prezzybox is the place to shop. Evey present sold by them is created to bring excitement to both you and the person you’re buying the gift for. Prezzybox is all about having fun and creating moments of happiness through beautiful, unique gifts.

Finding the perfect gift can be difficult, but Prezzybox makes it easier by listing products according to the recipient; for example gifts for her, gifts for him, birthday gifts, gifts for girlfriends/boyfriends/wives/husbands, and fun gifts. All you have to do is pick the appropriate category and select a gift you like from that collection.

Prezzybox gifts vary from gadgets to toys, experiences, food, drink, beauty essentials, fashion accessories and many more. If your budget is a little low, you can either choose the lower-priced gifts or use our Prezzybox discount codes and vouchers to get a discount on your order.

In Conclusion

Gifts are a fun, beautiful way to bring people together, remind them that you care about them, and lift their spirits. In these uncertain times, a thoughtful gift can take away the doom and gloom, even if it’s only for a little while. The best types of gifts are personalised gifts because they show the recipient how well you know them and the things they love. In this article, we picked a few of our favorite suppliers of personalised gifts. You can explore all they have to offer and use the discount codes and vouchers on our site to get a discount on whatever perfect gifts catch your eye.