Stretch Your Accessory Style

We love accessories! At the risk of sounding extreme, when they are chosen well, they streamline life. You can upgrade a high-street dress to something sublime, transform an LBD, or move from day to night effortlessly. Whether it’s whimsy or quality you’re after, we have a few suggestions that will keep you fashionable, define your personal style even further, and stretch your stitching skills. Let’s get started!

Watches (Shopping Profile: Investment Pieces Only)

While watches can be incredible style statements, they also have heirloom potential. If you are considering a watch purchase, we’ve devised a few ways to make them more affordable.

  1. Switch your straps. Nordgreen, for example, has a lot of different straps available in select colours and fabrics, like leather, nylon, and croc-embossed selections. You can also buy different findings like rose gold and silver.

  2. Pay attention to the watch face that you choose. Some simply don’t match with office gear and party dresses. Your best bet is to score something that toes the line between classic and dressed-up, like a watch with a metal-mesh strap in a monotone colour scheme.

  3. Consider getting a special watch box for your purchase. Why risk scratching or damaging such a high-quality piece when it’s not on your wrist? Continue the same sleek style game with a quality black lacquered box purchased on Amazon.

Cuffs and Sleeves (Shopping Profile: Practical)

Chilly weather necessitates bundling, but why spend loads when you can fashion your own pieces or buy something small?

  1. Hunt down old sweaters that were fashioned from high-quality wool or cashmere, and then lop off the sleeves (don’t stress!). Now, use those sleeves as arm warmers by simply hemming the cut edge by hand or zig-zag stitching on a machine. Get your supplies online.

  2. Look for simple cuffs or arm warmers that you can slip on with any jacket or sweater. We’re partial to extra-long ones that can be purchased at Ali Express.

Scarves (Shopping Profile: Adventurous And Thrifty)

Are you somewhat crafty or DIY-inclined? If you are, consider freshening up a scarf you have tucked away in your wardrobe that didn’t have enough flair. Plus, if you make a mistake, it’s easily forgotten.

  1. Trim it! Buy some decorative trim, like lace or pom poms, and stitch it around the edge of a long scarf. You can also add a little trim to one end only.

  2. Reshape. Take a giant square scarf and cut it down into a little v-shape instead. You can hand-sew the edge if you prefer – just be sure to press the edges to ensure an even finish before stitching.

  3. Make a top with two extra-large sets of scarves. Place them side-by-side and stitch each shoulder, leaving room for the head. Then after slipping the two squares on, mark the arm holes, take it off, and stitch up each side until you’ve closed it up enough. If you need more explanation, check out Mary Jane Baxter’s book, Chic on a Shoestring, which you can find at Book Depository.

Do you have an accessory hack or tip?