Top 8 Locations to Travel When You Want to Escape the Heat

Brittian is currently in the midst of a long- lasting heatwave with temperatures soaring up to 30C in London this summer. This is fantastic to some but quite irritating to others. If you belong to the latter and don’t enjoy this sweltering weather you might want to escape to a cooler destination.

So without further ado, we present to you 8 cooler options to spend your holiday this summer:

snow view with girl

1. Iceland

For decades Iceland has been the perfect escape for people looking to cool off and have fun in the cold. As of now, the temperature in Iceland’s capital Reykjavík is 11 degrees. Pretty good for a cold summer vacation right? There is also plenty to do and see here. Iceland is home to the Blue Lagoon, ice glaciers and you can do plenty of whales watching in the West Fjords. You cannot visit Iceland without checking out the world’s largest man-made ice cave that has been carved into the slopes of Labjokull Glacier. Between June and August, the sun barely sets, this means that the sky remains bright a whole 24/7. This takes some getting used to, but the result is that even during the night, you have plenty of opportunity for fun activities.

2. Hemel Hempstead

If you are really looking to cool off hit the slopes at Snow Centre, the UK’s newest indoor slope. Indoor skiing, boarding and even sledding is all the rage and what better way to cool off during this all-time high than with some snow. Stay at the local Travelodge in Hemel Hempstead to save money on your hotel room and get to shredding the slopes indoors and get ready for the chill of winter! This is a unique and fun way to cool off from the rising temperatures and save on your getaway with an updated Travelodge room!

guy at travelodge

3. Alaska

There is no shortage of cool in Alaska. During the summer months, temperatures climb no higher than 17 degrees. Traveling to Alaska is pretty simple, as it is a US state and therefore it’s easily accessible by flight. You can save money on your airline costs with the latest flight vouchers online to make the escape to cooler climates more affordable this season. Things to do include snowmobiling, hiking up the US’s highest mountain, Mount McKinley, whale watching, visiting the many different islands, fjords, and glaciers or explore the history of native cultures at the Alaska Native Heritage Center.

4. Whitwell, Rutland

Don’t want to deal with travelling across the pond to cool off in the states? Don’t go far to escape the heat. Simply travel to Whitwell and stay for as low as £138 a night to make a weekend trip to visit the Aqua Park. The UK’s biggest inflatable aqua park is located in Rutland and what is a better way to cool off than to dive in! Take the time over a weekend to book a stay and get wet at Aqua Park Rutland and you can save money on your travel expenses and still cool off during the heat wave.

guy and girl at Travelodge

5. Lofoten Islands, Norway

With the temperature at approximately 12 percent now, Norway’s Lofoten Islands is a great destination to enjoy a cool summer vacation with plenty of activities. It is home to remarkable mountains and fjords. On top of that, you can lounge for hours on its beautiful beaches and it has the best landscape for hikers. If you’re into history you can visit the many beautiful ports such as Nussfjord, Henningsvaer, and Kabelvag (dating back to the ninth century, making it the oldest village above the Arctic Circle). While you’re there, rent a cozy, homey fisherman’s hut to fully bask into the experience.

seagull at beach

6. Brighton Beach

Head to the cost for something a bit cooler. At around 17C Brighton is the perfect spot to enjoy some seaside fun. This resort town doesn’t have to break the bank either. Stay at the local Travelodge and spend your money on the nightlife, shopping and festivals that paint the streets in Brighton. Walk along the beach or explore the art scene but nothing beats a bougie seaside getaway that was affordable!

7. The Faroe Islands, Denmark

Not a very popular destination but the Faroe Islands are a haven for people who love a windswept destination. Together, they form an autonomous province in Denmark. The Faroe Islands are a playground for adventure seekers and nebby food lovers. It has some lovely beaches and its magnificent mountains provide the perfect place for mountain climbers. You can also catch a glimpse of the millions of migrates seabirds nesting on its long sandy beaches or snag a reservation at the island’s own Michelin-starred restaurant, Koks, with a beautiful view over the Atlantic.

view of hiking

8. Madeira Portugal

Unlike many other tourist attractions in Portugal, Madeira attracts a more mature crowd. It is known for its dramatic scenery, marvelous botany, rich culture, amazing hiking possibilities, and savory gourmet food. Madeira is like the tropical heaven in Europe. Hikers can climb the mountaintop of Pico do Ariero or simply take the (tourist) bus up to the top where they can enjoy drinks and tasty food at the mountaintop restaurant.

What colder destinationations will you visit this summer?