Transfer Money To Your International Student with this Currency Exchange Tool

Often, international students – whether from other European countries or from totally different continents - regard the U.K. as being the crème de la crème of tertiary study destinations and rightfully so being that the University of Oxford proudly tops almost all lists of the best universities in the world. But it doesn’t end there, the U.K has plenty of other sought-after universities such as the University of Cambridge and the Imperial College London.

It is therefore not surprising that parents from all over the world will consider sending their children to the U.K for higher education. However great tertiary education is not cheap and parents sending their children to study in Brittian need a reliable way to transfer funds to their kids. Especially now that the university terms are closing in many students will be in dire need of funds to pay for the required study necessities.


The problem is that often the cost of wiring and transferring funds in their local currency to a child in the U.K. can be quite astronomical. Another concern is that many parents outside of the U.K still consider bank transferring to be the best if not the only option. But bank transferring has its downside as bank scan fee are often painfully expensive. For express services, the cost could be even higher and the entire process of exchanging the currency and sending it to a bank in the U.K can take up to five working days.

A better option would be to use a transfer and currency exchange company like HifX and here’s why; since its inception in 1998, HiFX has enabled international and European clients to transfer currency to their studying child or relatives in the U.K. Together with its sister company XE, this U.K. based company operates websites for the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S. To date they have transferred over £100 billion!

A couple of benefits of HiFX:

  • Highly competitive exchange rates with no hidden costs or exorbitant fees.
  • Access to transfer in 60 world currencies.
  • Total transparency. HiFx is transparent about the fees they charge. You won’t pay any fees -for transfers over $10,000.
  • It is regulated by ASIC and has an Australian Financial Services Licence.
  • The online platform is available 24/7 for transactions.
  • HIFX takes security extremely seriously. HiFx uses Norton Security, which is very popular among the world’s largest banks.
  • You can track and monitor your payments every step of the way via SMS and email.
  • You can transfer as low as $ 50 for a single transaction.
  • Transferring occurs between 1-3 days depending on the amount being transferred.
  • Exceptional customer service.

Thus as an international student in the U.K; HiFX is the most suitable option to receive funds from your loved ones abroad. It doesn’t matter if you need just a small amount of money transferred for some books or a more sizable amount for tuition, HiFx can help exchange your currency and get your funds to you fast and securely.