Transportation Tips: Top 3 Reasons to Use a Car-Hire Service

Exploring the United Kingdom has become extremely advanced in today's age. With trains, underground subways, trolleys, double deckers, and intricate bus routes; there exist many modes of transportation to help you navigate the U.K. However, car travel or car-hire is the only way to experience the U.K. in regards to freedom of movement, comfort, and competitive prices. With the continual demand for car-hire in the travel industry, it has nonetheless transformed how tourist engage with the country

According to, IBIS World a global business intelligence leader found that care-hire’s popularity has grown significantly over the past five years with tourism and business being the two leading factors. As a result, revenue growth has accumulated over the five year period excelling well into 2018 and is expected to push onward in the coming year of 2019. Also, the success of the industry has enabled reputable companies like and Holiday Auto to pursue fleet growth.

Although there is ridicule on whether or not car rentals are more advantageable, compared to public transportation, the facts are indisputable and clearly state that car-hire is the best options for experiencing the U.K.

According to a survey conducted by BVRLA U.K.’s trade body, they found that 31% of 2,729 individuals responded on the effectiveness of [car-hire] saying they utilized it for holiday and tourism purposes which is the second most prevalent reason why it’s used. In addition, the survey revealed car-hire is gaining recognition because of its convenience for carrying luggage and its time flexibility compared to schedules of public transportation.

As the industry continues to rise in popularity, it is only proper to recognize the 3 top reason why the car-hire is so appealing to tourist.

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1. Comfort

Although public transportation is at times the best way to explore the U.K., it does not necessarily mean it is the most spacious. There might be times when you’ll be cram into the subway or trolly like a can of sardines which will usually happen during rush hours. Also, let's not forget that 4.44 billion passenger journeys occur in the country. almost every year. For tourist this means trouble because a good majority of the U.K. inhabitants rely on public transportation which nonetheless results in battles for the last available seat.

2. Freedom of movement

In regards to freedom of movement, this is essential for the travel industry to prosper. Tourist will want to explore the U.K. thoroughly which means exploring the countrysides, historic villages, and the mountainous coastlines. Unfortunately, public transportation is available only in cities. However, car-hire has successfully filled that gap of access for tourist. If you’re interested in exploring the U.K. natural landscape, be sure to book your rental in advance and start incurring your savings with exclusive voucher of 35% off when you book with the leading company

3. Competitive Prices

Another reason why car-hire is attaining growth is due to the industry change in prices. It aims to make their services more accessible for all tourist of all income levels. If your considering on using car-hire and want to save money be sure to book your ride early and online like an airline. Also, try scheduling in February when prices are at their lowest, at least £100 less! In addition, be sure to check out car-hire tab for unbeatable discounts for companies like Holiday Autos which is currently offering rentals at £21 a day.